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Regional Health Authorities throughout the European Union have to solve a dilemma: providing better healthcare within a shrinking budget. The economic climate is not favourable to further increases in the healthcare expenditure that has soared to unsustainable levels during the years of the economic growth but citizens consider themselves more and more as clients of the health system and expect from it quality and value for money.

On one hand, reducing healthcare expenditure cannot be achieved through simple, sectorial cost-cutting measures as they have amply shown in the past their ineffectiveness when they have not backfired by increasing costs in other compartments of healthcare. To achieve results there is a clear need for a global approach to the healthcare system where the correlations between one area and the other are well understood.

On the other hand huge sums of money, energy and time have been spent in the past in building telemedicine services that have not made any difference on the way healthcare is delivered and in how the health systems are organised because they were not born from a strategic vision and they did not have the support of the people who have the power to move them from the lab experience to the roll-out in the market.

HEALTH OPTIMUM intends to break this vicious loop by market validating services which are seen as enablers for far-reaching changes in the way health services are organised and healthcare is delivered and which enjoy the support of those who, in three European regions, have the responsibility of managing and steering the health system and the power to invest to improve it.

The Market Validation phase aim to verify whether demand and offer for telemedicine services match each other and if the cost of introducing them can be offset by economies (in the broadest sense of the term) obtained in other parts of the health system.
In this phase two services will be validated: