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HEALTH OPTIMUM                    

HEALTHcare delivery




is a Telemedicine project approved and co-funded by the European Community within the eTEN programme.

eTEN supports the deployment of trans-European e-services in the public interest and aims to accelerate the take-up of services to sustain the European social model of an inclusive, cohesive society. eTEN's six themes includes eGovernment, eHealth, eInclusion, eLearning, Services for SMEs and Trust & Security.


The Midterm Conference of Health Optimum will be held on 26-27 June 2008 at the Conventions Centre of Barbastro, doted with the best technology in communications and more modern audiovisual technology.

The objectives of the Midterm Conference are:

  • To favour the interchange of knowledge and experiences between people involved in Innovation in Health Care Sciences.
  • To announce the vision that Europe and Spain have about Telemedicine as well as to exhibit demonstration of services and new Information Technologies that technological companies are offering to Telemedicine.

More information can be found at the web page of the Forum:





Current phase: Initial Deployment

 In most European countries, healthcare is fundamentally publicly funded and mostly publicly provided. Healthcare spending represents a major component of state budgets, and has grown beyond what is sustainable. Member States are therefore engaged in an effort to contain the soaring costs of healthcare and, whenever possible, reduce them.
To achieve this, far-reaching reforms of the healthcare delivery systems must be considered.

These have to critically examine the delivery system as it is today - the result of over a century of organisational stratification - and see what today's ICT can do to rationalise the delivery system in ways which were still unthinkable just a few years ago.

During the previous phase, HEALTH OPTIMUM has market validated a comprehensive suite of telemedicine services able to improve the perceived quality of the healthcare services provided and, at the same time, to enable a reduction in the costs related to their production and delivery. The Project has also evaluated the users' acceptance of the services and validated a business model on which the HEALTH OPTIMUM Initial Market Deployment phase is based.

The primary objective of this phase is to deploy the HEALTH OPTIMUM services in the five participating regions.

These services have been successfully validated during the Market Validation phase which has been just completed. This phase has allowed for at least three of the participating regions, on the one hand, verifying the acceptance of the services by the various categories of users and, on the other hand, checking the economic sustainability of the underlying business model.
The expected outcome of this phase is an operational system which is up and running in all the five regions and which is financially self-standing because it pays for itself through the savings that it releases in the routine delivery of healthcare.